4th of July Music:
Inspiring Independence

4th of July music is well-loved all across this great nation of ours. Also known as Independence Day, July 4th is when we celebrate our independence as a nation from England.

In addition to fairs, parades, and various eating and game-playing celebrations, fireworks displays are an integral part of Independence Day celebrations here in America.

Music is an absolutely vital component as well!

Independence Day Music

Independence Day music,traditionally includes not only patriotic songs, but WW I and II music, as well as marches, such as Sousa's "Under the Double Eagle".

One of the most famous of all Sousa marches that is often played at these celebrations is Stars and Stripes Forever.

Listen to a rousing rendition below.

John Philip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever

Other 4th of July Songs

Other famous and popular 4th of July songs include the following patriotic and war songs:

There are many others, as well. These songs evoke memories - of Americans who fought and died for our freedom - of past wars and conflicts, of the flag and freedom that stood strong through the darkest of days.

This is America.

May God Bless America from sea to shining sea!

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Star Spangled Banner

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