Best Broadway Musicals
And Features That Make Them Memorable

My Top Seven picks for Best Broadway Musicals include the following classics:

* The Sound Of Music

* Oklahoma

* Annie, Get Your Gun

* Showboat

* My Fair Lady

* South Pacific

* The King and I

Features of Broadway Hits

There are several reasons for these particular selections:

  • Multiple hit songs in each
  • Written by top composers of the era
  • Remembered as the biggest productions
  • Featured the best singers and actors
  • Highlighted captivating story lines

In addition, all of the musicals listed above take place in the OUT-OF-DOORS, which further enhanced the developing plots and gave the songs and story lines an added depth.

For instance, who doesn't remember the breathtaking mountain background scenes from the musical and movie
The Sound Of Music?

"Climb Every Mountain" comes alive when we watch the little ones struggle to scale the rugged heights in order to escape to freedom with their lives!

For more on each of these individual musicals, including famous songs, actors and composers, please click on the links below.

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Annie Get Your Gun and Oklahoma!

The Sound of Music

South Pacific Musical

The King and I

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