Broadway Show Tunes
and Americana Culture

Did most of the Broadway show tunes creep into the fabric of America? No, they were literally shot into our musical culture like a cannon ball out of a cannon.

broadway show tunes,broadway musicals

The Broadway show themes were merely a road of access for some of our greatest secular songs to entwine themselves forever into our musical memories. These songs, for the most part, fit the eras in which they were born. And they raised our glorious secular music to a new high.

They became a part of us, not just a part of the Broadway production. They lent a liveliness, a life, a theme, a nostalgia and a hope to our lives.

These wonderful songs quickly passed from their Broadway identity to becoming a part of our musical culture forever, as though they had always belonged there. And they do!

As Time Goes By

As time goes by, and I'm not quoting a song title here, our memories may fade. We forget who starred or sang in the Broadway musical or the movie; we may forget most of the story line of the play. We may no longer be able to visualize the most dramatic or poignant scenes from these productions. We could even forget the title of the musical, but we will never forget the music - those glorious theme songs that are forever etched in our memories.

We have made the music a part of us, because the themes of the music, the memories and nostalgia, and the comfort and hope of the good old Broadway show tunes stick with us as if they had no beginning and would have no ending. It seems they've been around forever! These are the marks of truly classic songs.

The Scope of Broadway Musicals

The scope of the Broadway musicals, stage plays, movies and all the similar forms of motion/stage production is so vast, it could be discussed to the end of the age.

The following linked pages are a compilation of Broadway music alphabetized according to letter. Dates given are for when the song was written, not the production (although they may be the same).

Take a look at the following Broadway musicals lists - see the vast Broadway influence in Americana culture and remember some classic songs derived from OLD BROADWAY!

Broadway Musicals A - F

Broadway Music G - L

Broadway Musicals List M - S

Musicals and Movies T - Z

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