The Three Trees:
A Parable of Potential

This story about the three trees was heard on television told by the well-known pastor, Joel Osteen.

Don't underestimate what God can do with what may seem to you to be broken dreams.

Here is a parable of the trees - and the message is easily translated to the human arena - where our own dreams and plans may seem to be denied or interrupted.

The Three Trees - Explained

Once upon a time, there were 3 trees - and each had a big dream.

There was the olive tree, the oak tree and the pine tree.

The olive tree longed to serve KINGS.

The oak tree had a desire to be part of a great ship.

The pine tree wanted to serve God in a marvelous way - maybe to decorate a section of a great mansion.

What happened?

The olive tree became the manger, which held the baby Jesus, the KING OF KINGS.

The oak tree didn't become part of a great ship, but instead became the small boat that carried Jesus across the lake to the other shore.

The pine tree became the cross, on which Jesus was crucified, on which he died for our sins - both yours and mine.

Whose Plan Was Better?

Wasn't God's plan much better than the plan of the trees?

Didn't His plan serve God's purpose in a more intimate and unique way?

And so it is with our plans and dreams. When surrendered to Him, may they end up serving God in a way greater than any way we could possibly imagine.

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