Happy Thanksgiving!
Remember to Count Your Blessings

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

If you live in the U.S., you've probably heard this about a dozen times or so by now. But what does it mean to you?

Our traditions remind us that it's turkey time - a sit down feast with family and friends, a game (or 2) of football, and a delightful serving of pumpkin pie doused with whip cream.

And of course, for most of us - a glorious day off of work!

But aside from the typical trappings of this holiday, do we really pause to count our blessings?

After all, the Pilgrims celebrated this day to honor God for all He had provided for them. Several of their Thanksgiving Hymns, written in the 1600s, are still sung today.

We, like the Pilgrims, can cultivate an "attitude of gratitude" for our many blessings!

Take a few moments to enjoy these Thanksgiving videos ...

Thanksgiving Songs and Memories

Thanksgiving songs, traditions and familiar places have a tendency to stir up memories - and most of us have vivid memories of how we have celebrated Thanksgiving over the years - with those we love.

Many of us will have a similar celebration yet again this year.

But for some, there is something missing. Actually, there is someONE missing. For whatever reason, between last Thanksgiving and this, someone you always expected to be there with you is now gone.

Memories are funny things - they can be outrageously happy, or painfully sad. Even so, they add a rich dimension to life.

If you are missing someone you once celebrated this holiday with, I encourage you to honor their memory. Remember the good times you shared together. Cook up something you know they would have liked. Talk about the memories that brought you happiness. Then determine to celebrate Thanksgiving in honor of your bond with them.

Take a few moments to reflect on the beauty that surrounds you - in creation, in the faces of those you love, and yes, even in your precious memories.

The following song is hundreds of years old yet has a timeless message. There truly is power in praise!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Poetry

Thanksgiving Verses

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