Famous Love Songs

Famous love songs attained their fame because of the music, the beat, the lyrics, the outstanding chords or all of the above. Whether the song was of the 1940 music period or any other time period is not so important...but rather how the romance of the song shines through.

Although lists of famous love songs may vary according to individual tastes, still the question begs to be answered: Does the song have that air of timelessness that makes it an unforgettable classic in its niche? That is the question!

Following is my pick of the best love songs - which in my opinion have the air of timeless romance that is difficult to eclipse.

Best Love Songs

  • Always - 1925
    Words and music - Irving Berlin (Vaughn Monroe and others recorded)

  • Whispering - 1920
    Words and music - John Schonberger, Richard Coburn and Vincent Rose
    (This song is a waltz)

  • Moonlight And Roses - 1925
    Words and music - Ben Black, Edwin H. Lemare and Neil Moret

  • Star Dust - 1929
    Words - Mitchell Parish, Music - Hoagy Carmichael

  • Deep Purple - 1934
    Lyrics - Mitchell Parish, Music - Peter De Rose

  • Peg O' My Heart - 1913
    Words by Alfred Bryan, composed by Fred Fisher. Featured in the 1913 musical Ziegfeld Follies

  • Unchained Melody - 1955
    Words - Hy Zaret, Music - Alex North
    Theme Song from the Movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayse, Demi Moore and Whoopie Goldberg

    Watch the classic edition of the Righteous Brothers performance
    of this song just below.

  • As Time Goes By - 1931
    Words and Music - Herman Hupfeld
    Theme of the movie Casablanca

  • Unforgettable - 1951
    Words and Music - Irving Gordon
    Recorded by Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and others

  • Embraceable You - 1928
    Music - George Gershwin, Lyrics - Ira Gershwin
    From Girl Crazy, featuring a song and dance routine performed by Ginger Rogers. Fred Astaire was the choreographer (Wikipedia).

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