Definition of Freedom

What is the true definition of freedom?

This freedom essay was written by me, an 86 year old, World War II Veteran. I was born in 1926 and lived through the Great Depression. I graduated with honors and joined the US Navy at age 17. Once the war was over, I got married and raised 6 children. I have 20 some grandchildren and more great grandkids than I can keep track of!

Because of all of the decades I have lived, I've seen a lot of things that have worked in this country - and a lot that hasn't and never will. I have a wide range of experience, including that of being a student, war veteran, husband and father, grandfather, great-grandfather, business owner, church member, professional entertainer, and friend.

If for no other reason than my age - and all of the presidential terms I've lived through and observed - please read what I have to say and take it to heart. Our way of life - as we know it - may be hanging in the balance.

What is meant by "freedom" anyway? A dictionary meaning says - (N) A state of being free; independence; immunity or exemption; facility or ease; use without restriction; lack of restraint or constraint.

Now let's define LICENSE (N) - leave; permission to do anything, (esp as regards legal permission); abuse of freedom or liability; disregard of law or property.

We will discuss these two words more completely in just a few minutes.

The United States Declaration of Independence in the opening statement contains the following ideas: "We hold these truths to be self-evident - that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights - among these rights are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

What Is True Liberty?

I will now explain what true liberty is and what it is not.

True liberty is freedom within a set of rules and laws, that allows the same rights as yourself - no more and no less.

Freedom is not true liberty if others' rights are restricted or destroyed so that you can be free from respecting their rights.

Now this system should apply to governments as well as individuals.

Is this the definition of freedom that the government of our nation is living by during this time?

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