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Big Band song lyrics are memorable especially to those who grew up during this era. I was a teenager when WW II began (I was in the 9th grade), so this style of music was extremely popular in American culture at that time. I love it to this day!

big band song lyrics, music notes

Amazing to me is that the music from this era, although remarkably romantic and nostalgic, evidenced very little reference to sex and violence - even during such a time of turmoil and violence that the world was facing at the time.

Even some of the wording back then - (which may be interpreted differently today) focused more on love and goodwill than on the ill in the world.

For instance, the word "affair" used to be used in common conversation meaning "whatever was currently going on in your life." My dad, who was a school teacher and principal, used this word often. He might say: "The school meetings and other such affairs....." and no one thought a thing about it.

Today, we may interpret that word (among others) quite differently. Keep this in mind as you read some of the lyrics.

Though much of the world was at war, American Big Band song lyrics continued to focus on the positives of love, music and memories.

Moonlight Becomes You

Moonlight becomes you - It goes with your hair;
You certainly know the right thing to wear!

Moonlight Becomes you - I thrill at the sight;
And I could get so romantic tonight.

You're all dressed up to go dreaming;
now don't tell me I'm wrong:
And what a night to go dreaming - Mind if I tag along?

If I say I love you - I want you to know;
It's not just because there's moonlight, altho -
Moonlight becomes you so.

This classic 1942 song by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke is sung in "The Road to Morocco" by the ever famous Bing Crosby.

I've Got You Under My Skin

The lyrics and music to this tune were jumpy and melodic - ever repeating the idea that the heart can fall in love - and act contrary to what the mind is telling you!

I've got you - under my skin -
I've got you - deep in the heart of me, -

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I've Got You Under My Skin

There Will Never Be Another You

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