Faith of our Founding Fathers

What does the Faith of our Founding Fathers have to do with the way our government is run or should be run today?

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The role of government should be to respect everyones' rights within a fair system of law. Therefore, a correct government must always be aware of the difference between true liberty (Freedom) and license to do as one pleases.

Now part of the the role of government is to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare (of all).

Our founding fathers went to great lengths to make sure that our new nation did not fall into tyranny or any type of excess government control. They had had enough of this under the pig-headed and arbitrary control of the British Crown.

Now, I cannot know, whoever may read this, whether or not you believe in God and the Bible. I hope that you do.

We have all heard of the Golden Rule. Perhaps it is not specifically stated in the Bible in so many words, but it IS implied in dozens and dozens of Bible passages….Do unto other as you would have then do unto you. In fact, look at Luke 6:31…And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to the likewise. This is a Biblical instruction to all listeners.

Now let me be very plain. Today, there is so much gobbledygook concerning both individual and government responsibility.

Freedom is Everyone's Responsibility

Freedom is everyone's responsibility if not everyone's desire. Very simply stated, freedom and liberty (in the true sense) never harms your neighbor. The freedom of your fist stops at my jaw!

Liberty cannot disintegrate into license, which is the freedom to have one's own way regardless of any laws and regardless of anyone else's rights. Some people have never learned that so, you see, this kind of freedom isn't really freedom for anyone except the thoughtless person.

Our government, sad to say, has gotten out of hand - we elect congressmen and senators to protect us and to care for our rights and freedoms. They are not doing so, today... a few are, but they are quickly shouted down and called names. Is this the freedom our founding fathers fought for?

Promoting the general welfare clause has long ago degenerated into an excuse, however dimly disguised, for leaders to promote themselves and their power-ego, slyly promoting welfare schemes of all kinds, enhancing the power of government at the expense of the peoples' individual liberty.

When will we ever learn that more and bigger government always - I mean ALWAYS results in less freedom for the citizens of any land?

The Faith of Our Founding Fathers was carefully preserved in our nation's founding documents to ensure our liberty and freedom for centuries to come. What has become of it now?

Continue the government out of control?

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