Is the Government
Out Of Control?

Is the US Government out of control?

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When will we ever learn that more and bigger government always - I mean - always results in less freedom for the citizens of any land?

And make no mistake about it - the president of our country (Obama) is a rank socialist!! I'm not a name caller; look at the facts - he has from the beginning promoted government and its power-grabbing over and above the liberty of our citizens. And now what happens?

What Happens Then?
(Big Government)

And then what happens? It's easy to see .... more government programs, more wasted money, more excuses to tax people to pay for government benefits that we the people never asked for, until, ideally, you may see the ultimate welfare state.

Don't we get it? Our government has no money of its own, only your money and mine!! Oh, taxes will pay for this benefit and that. Oh, really?

You mean our money, money taxed away from us, money that has been and will be used to make us more dependent and less free, money that is ours! (the peoples')

Since when does the government have more common sense than its people? Since when does the government know or care more about our individual lives, than we do?

This "spending like there's no tomorrow" is like amassing a thousand credit cards with no means or plan at all of ever paying it back. Would you and I get away with that as individuals?

Then why do we think it's ok for the government to do that?

The US Court System

Now let's look at our courts, especially our higher courts. Too may times, we are finding liberal and left-wing judges making the laws, not interpreting the laws. This is nothing more than treason. And there have been instances where some high courts have handled cases according to foreign law, NOT USA Law. This is also treason of the highest order!!

The trouble with the USA in a nutshell is this - our citizens in general have been conned into socialism, the government leading the way to higher taxes, losses of liberty, losses of freedom of choice and soon, losses of initiative amongst our people.

** Why break our backs taking risks that only we the people are responsible for, when there is no way for us to profit from it and get ahead? How many good, workable, but novel ideas have been shelved because our government is no longer business-friendly?

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