Steps To Sanity

What are our steps to sanity - to return to our roots and retain our freedom?

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Many, many good new ideas for business and manufacturing came out of the wars we were in, because the government was desperate for innovation and answers, and somehow took temporary advantage of new ideas, new twists to doing thing to save our country.

Try asking government to give these kinds of breaks in peace time.

Call To Action

Now friends of liberty, friends of individualism, friends of fairness, friend of innovation and discovery, there is a way to get our freedoms back again. . This beloved nation, even with all its faults, will perish if we don't get our freedoms back.

Steps to Sanity
The prescription for this return to sanity lies in these steps - and these are not necessarily in order of importance here - all of it must be done!!

1) We must all quit voting for a candidate based upon his oratory and promises. Find out what his philosophy of government is. Vote for the man or woman whose philosophy of government meshes with the founding fathers.

Another thing that is important is that candidate's previous record and voting. Has he stood for what we need, or has he not?

President Obama's record of achievement as well as his philosophy should have been dead giveaways as to his intentions.

2) Align yourselves with the political party that is nearest in line with the freedom of the individual that we all should have. NO political party is perfect. Work within that party to strengthen what needs to be strengthened.

Third Political Party?

3) Seldom will a "third party" work in a country as large as ours. While the philosophy ay be perfect, the time to establish such a part is way too long - we cannot wait.

What party represents our roots, then?

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