2012 Presidential Election

Who will you vote for in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Don't vote with your feelings - vote for freedom.

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So How do you know how to vote?

See the first 3 crucial questions to ask here, and then continue reading below.

4) The Republican party is your best bet to help establish the goals we need. Has this party always been right about everything? Of course not. But many now, within the party, see our roots, our beliefs, as our salvation, politically, as the only way.

On the other hand, the Democratic party has for over 50 years been distinctly a left-wing, socialistic-minded, big-government party, and I see no possibility of change in this party. Perhaps some members of the party, however, are beginning to see the light.

5) Realize the BIG GOVERNMENT will foster loss of freedoms, massive debt, rewire and fewer jobs, and eventually a financial breakdown. So that there will be nothing left for decent people but darkness and oblivion.

6) Congress is a good place to start. If you have a majority in the senate (or house) that is liberal, you will end up with NO COUNTRY, or one which is not recognizable.

7) The President, and his political philosophy are important to the country. If our president, at any time, shows a pattern of left-wing or foreign ideology in his office, he should be impeached or voted out. Actually folks, it is getting later and later, and time is getting shorter and shorter, even as we are upon the next election.

8) We should begin now to recall Congressman and Judges who do things that foster SOCIALISM. And the American people need to know why we are taking such action.

Our Borders Must Be Made Secure

9) Our borders must be made secure. Of course, we should be most concerned about our southern borders with Mexico. Many thousands of people are crossing into the US on a weekly basis, who have no right to be here. I have nothing against these people wanting a better life - but they should not have one to the detriment of legal citizens, whether born here or legally naturalized, Oh, and understand this…many who are illegals are drug dealers, drug runners, criminals from "South of the Border", and undesirables of all kinds. We can love them, but their presence here must be legal.

10) Many systems have been proposed to make sure we might, in the US, have access to migrant workers. etc, who will help with crops and other forms of labor. Several of these systems would work---Why haven't we done one of them?

It would not take a miracle to set up a carrying-card system, giving non-citizens certain limited rights to come here inside the US to work - and then return. A Pathway to citizenship could be set up and it should not be an easy one. We could use honest, hard working and sincere immigrants.

Oh, but I hear the liberals and the left wingers and the USA destroyers say---"But some of us or our ancestors came over and were not residents here until they came"…

Dear people, conditions were not the same then as now! One situation has nothing to do with the other. If a person does not desire citizenship, or is not willing to take the steps to acquire it, let him or her come and be a card carrying worker only, working here while work is needed, and then return.

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