United States Presidential Election
(Crucial Questions, Continued)

Will you vote in the United States Presidential Election?

Are you asking the right questions to determine the best candidate worthy of your freedom to vote?

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11) Now another thing needs to be stated - and I mean --YESTERDAY!! There must be no welfare, no free education, no benefits of true citizenship given to illegals. Some of our southern / western border states are reeling in debt and problems because our government is acting like an idiot!! I know why! The liberal love the prospects that these illegals will vote for then, and the rest of the people of our dear land, the legal citizens here, must bear the burden of all of this, This could not be more wrong. Let us correct it now!

12) The liberal news media. They have been a detriment to the country for year, if not decades. We need to support conservative news mediums, whether newspapers, magazines, internet, TV presence or whatever, and literally starve out the liberals, until they are only a blurb on the horizon. I do not hate these people…but I hate their philosophy of government, and I have a perfect right to do so.

Hating people is not part of a Christian's idea or the idea of conservatism and constitutional government. We have every right to fight, with legal means, the intrusion of left-wing liberal and socialistic ideas, and every right to rid our country of such people and ideas, by keeping them out of office and out of positions of influence. Their ways are not truly American, not truly the ideas of the founding fathers.

Socialism in America: A Message

13) I have message for all left-wingers, liberals and other socialistic-type people, especially those in office. Leave the USA and go live in some other country and try to ruin that country, as you have tried mightily to ruin this great land.

** I used to think that socialism (a mild, so-called system, but akin to Communism) was a mistake of conscience on the part of its lovers - by now I know better. It is a system of power-grabbing, all the more subtle because it is achieved without violence - which actually makes Socialism more dangerous than Communism.

And Communism is not far removed from dictatorship, because it will probably take a dictatorship to sustain such a system.

Your vote in the United States Presidential Election is vital - it is either a vote for freedom or impending slavery.

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