American Tax Funding
Crucial Questions Continued

Where does American tax funding come from?

If you haven't read Part I and following of this Freedom Essay, click here to read it now. The crucial questions every American must ask before voting are continued below.

To begin with Question 1 of the 16 Crucial Questions, Click HERE.

Public Education

14) Now, public education. On a national level, the office of Public Education is a sham, and should be abolished, and never re-instituted. Again, Socialism, liberal ideas, teacher tenure, favoritism, and all the rest, are the very hallmarks of the National Office of Public Education.

They are dragging us into Socialism as fast as they can.

15) We absolutely must re-vamp public education to stick to the Constitution to conservatism, to the values of a free society. The Constitution and the actions of the Founding Fathers should be diligently taught and revered by teachers and pupils alike. These great USA principles should have been taught diligently years and years ago. Also, colleges and universities not adhering to these principles should be de-funded at once.

Discernment of a Candidate For Office
(or how to tell real fast if they mean trouble for you)

16) And now a very important word concerning the public discernment of any candidate for any office. I have learned how to spot a liberal very quickly, and you can also.

a) Beware of a candidate telling you he would raise taxes. Businesses are very wary of tax hikes, and the uncertainty they bring.

b) How can anyone think that raising taxes, in a poor economy yet, will do any good? I'll tell you what this will do, and will always do - it will absolutely stop small business from growing. Big business can only do so much.

Small business is the backbone of America.

(And yes, you DID build this!!!)

c) Tell me, where are the jobs we need so badly?

OBAMA has had almost 4 years to do something. It has gotten worse, job-wise, and he is running out of people and political parties to blame. His policies will never work, and it he concedes in a few small measures, he will go right back to Socialistic methods to sustain what others have urged him to do.

Where now is the Hope for America?

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