Frank Sinatra Music

Frank Sinatra music was as unique as your own fingerprint.
His style was unmatched, his voice as smooth as silk.

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Frank Sinatra Music: Song Style

  • Many of his songs were products of the top composers, and some of the top Broadway musicals. But it was the songs - not where they came from - that was important to him.

  • Sinatra sang songs that were deep with nostalgia, old memories, pungent thoughts, and lyrics that he made come to life.

  • He was not a crooner-type, a la' Bing Crosby or Dean Martin, etc.

  • He was like every top singer in one regard - he didn't record many songs that didn't suit or promote his style. He could have, but he didn't.

  • He had a great voice range and stayed within it.

  • His place in the history of great popular singers is secure and will be enjoyed by millions throughout many years to come.

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