"It's the Same Old Shillelagh"
Irish Folk Song

It's the Same Old Shillelagh was an Irish folk song, and the shillelagh term was strictly Irish.

A shillelagh was an oak stick or sapling.

This wouldn't be a bad song to teach your kiddies while they are young.

Hopefully, it's looked upon merely as entertaining verse!

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Same Old Shillelagh Lyrics

Sure it's the same old shill-le-lagh me father brought from I-re-land -

And divil a man was prouder than he as he walked with it in his hand -

He'd lead the band on Pad-dy's Day and twirl it 'round his mitt. -

And div-il a bit we'd laugh at it or dad would have a fit.

Sure with the same old shil-le-lagh me father could lick a dozen men -

As fast as they'd get up, be-gor-ry, he'd knock'em down a-gain -

And many's the time he used it on me to make me un-der-stand -

The same old shil-le-lagh me father brought from I-re-land.

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