Irish Folk Music:
Grab Your Fiddle & Dance A Jig!

Irish folk music has noted a surge of popularity since the movie "Riverdance" was released. The Irish are known for their dancing, celebrating and singing style of entertainment.

Do you remember as a child singing about Mrs. Murphy's Chowder? These Irish lyrics are outrageous, which makes them classically funny to every child, and the music is just - well, "dance-able!"

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The polka and the jig (of course) are credited to the Irish.

Irish tunes are known for their simple harmonies, upbeat tempo, and quaint folk music instrumentation.

Every holiday or special event calls for a celebration of music - whether a wedding, All Saint's Day, or a birthday party. Music is a dynamic part of the everyday life of the Irish.

Some believe that many of the old fashioned tunes popular in the U.S. even today, came out of the countries of Ireland and Scotland. The music was brought overseas by traveling immigrants.

Irish Folk Songs

  • The Irish Washerwoman is possibly the best known and most loved Irish jig. The primary melody is played by fiddles, and often people danced to the music.
    Riverdance, the movie, rekindled the international appeal of this song to a new generation of young people.

    Watch an incredible rendition of The Irish Washerwoman jig below.

  • The Girl I Left Behind - 1791
    This was credited to Dublin, but was actually said to be written in England in 1450.

  • Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms - 1810

  • St. Patrick's Day - 1865
    An English melody about Ireland is this tune's origin.

  • Love's Old Sweet Song - 1887

  • My Wild Irish Rose - 1900
    This is a modern Irish ballad written in America.

Celtic music had its origins in Irish and Scottish music.

Irish folk music employs a large number of folk music instruments including percussion instruments, fiddle and bow, flutes, and tin whistles, among others.

The ability to laugh, dance, sing and celebrate
is the rich heritage of the Irish!

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