Irish Immigrants

Irish immigrants, a colorful people, have helped to make America a better place.

In the early days, America saw a flood of Irish immigrants, streaming ashore from the ships that docked at the Boston and New York Harbors.

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Picture them now:
Taking up residence in the teeming cities of the eastern seaboard, finding jobs, working hard, making the immigrant name a proud one, marrying, rearing families, becoming responsible and involved U.S. Citizens, carving out for themselves a legacy, not forgetting their Irish heritage, but becoming true Americans, invigorating society, bringing honesty and hard work and loyalty to their new country.

The Irish transplant never despised his homeland -
he merely embraced his greater opportunity
to live and love and prosper in the NEW LAND.

irish american heritage, irish flag, american flag

Everyone with any Irish heritage, and that would be many of us, should be justly proud of our Irish ancestry.

Our forefathers, being proud Irish, became proud Americans. They remembered their heritage, but never looked back with regret.

They take their proud position in the founding of American history, their unique place in Americana, which can scarcely be filled by any other group of people.

These are the Irish!

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