Burma Shave Ads

Burma Shave ads were numerous and humorous and kept drivers and passengers amused for many a mile while traveling highways and byways in America in earlier decades.

These Burma Shave signs were posted so you could read the message - one sign every few seconds - and they always ended with the company logo on the final sign of the group.

Sometimes appealing to male pride (and wanting to impress the potential mate or wife in his life), always humorous, and even educational concerning traffic safety, these signs were enormously popular during their glory days.

Here are a few - the "cream" of the crop! (Yes, the pun is intended!)

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To Kiss
A mug
That's like a cactus
Takes more nerve
Than it does practice
Burma Shave

My job is
Keeping faces clean
And nobody know
De stubble
I've seen!
Burma Shave

Ben met Anna
Made a Hit
Neglected beard
Ben-Anna split
Burma Shave

Henry VIII
Sure Had Trouble
Short Term Wives
Long Term Stubble
Burma Shave

This cooling shave
Will never fail
To stamp
It's user
First class male

For some good old-fashioned humor, you need go no farther than the old classic Burma Shave signs that used to be sprinkled all along the old highways and byways of America.

It was advertising with a message - and in essence, was a form of a public service - many of the ads encouraged safe driving (even if it was in a humourous sort of way) while also inviting male users to try their product, and convincing women folk that they would enjoy their men more if he DID use it!

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