Cinco De Mayo Music

Cinco de mayo music can be heard everywhere on the celebratory day of the same name. Hispanic music is a very distinctive type of music, and like other types, it isn't limited to just one kind of rhythm or beat.
In fact, there are several distinct types of Hispanic music, often called "Latin Music" - after the Latin-American countries to the south of the US. This Spanish music is correctly named Hispanic, because it has many of thee same characteristics as Mexican, or south of the border - type music.

South American Music

South American music, often Hispanic in type, often has a flavor of the Big-Band music of the 40's and 50's, very danceable in rhythm, and yet with a certain amount of Latin beat, so that one at least suspects that it is, in fact, a Latin form of Music.

Spanish Broadway Musicals and Screen Plays

In this category are both the big-timers and the lesser-known musicals, with Mexico and other countries of Latin origin as their basis.

Some of this music, while it has less of a Hispanic beat and flavor, has Spanish titles or words in the songs that place the song in a Latin setting.

South Pacific Musical is one of the most famous musical of this genre'.

Cowboy Songs South Of The Border

We shouldn't be surprised that quite a few cowboy songs were about Mexican girls or "south of the border" type event. After all, Texas is located on the border of Mexico. These songs typically have a hint or more of "Latin" beat in them.

Spanish and Indian Culture:
The Seed of Hispanic Music

The vast majority of Mexican people had their roots in a combination of Spanish and Indian people and cultures. This is also pretty much the case in South American, Cuba, and other islands of the Caribbean as well.

Spanish Love Songs

The Hispanic music and culture has a reputation for "hot-blooded-love-and-romance", whether partly imagined or not.

Songs often heard in Cinco De Mayo Music celebrations may include adventure, torrid romance, wonder and imagination without ending.

Hispanic Music's Latin Beat

The various kinds of musical beat, rhythm, and overtone of Hispanic songs is pretty easy to recognize, but the variations between songs and in the same musical number may surprise you.

The choppy, unpredictable, squared-off rhythm of many Hispanic songs are a signature and a delight to both musicians and music lovers alike.

Will You Translate That To English, Please?

Several great songs, well known to musicians, begin with only Spanish words and then converted to English words and thoughts as the song progressed. Some are still quite famous today.

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